Join Our Family, Have Peace of Mind

Car problems happen, things wear out, and accidents happen. This is an
unavoidable fact that everyone comes to realize eventually. With Kean’s
Automotive, stress really doesn't have to happen.

So who are we, and what's all the local talk about?

We are a team of highly skilled automotive technicians who enjoy what we do for a living. When someone enjoys their work, it shows. The quality of service increases, employees have a positive outlook, and customers are happy. Here at Kean’s Automotive, each and every one of us take pride in our work. Genuine, knowledgeable, and understanding employees ensure that each visit is memorable, and that you never leave unhappy. That's what being a family is all about, making each and every person feel welcome in our home.

We've been providing our services to California for over twelve years, and let's just say we know a thing or two. Whether you need a simple oil change or a completely rebuilt engine, you can trust us to provide you with the quality service you deserve. We've been locally owned and operated from the beginning, and you can be sure that you're treated like a valued customer, not a paycheck. We're not a corporate giant, and your satisfaction matters to us. We try to provide an outstanding service at a cost you won't feel guilty about, so we can continue to service your vehicles.

Our goal is to provide Simi Valley and the surrounding areas with affordable, reliable automotive services. This is what we achieve every day, and our customers agree, Kean’s Automotive is a brand you can trust. 12 years of successful business don't lie, and neither will we. We are upfront and honest about what's going on under the hood because, after all, your safety is on us. No unneeded upselling, no overcharged replacements, just real, honest service that you will be happy to brag to your friends about later. Simple, yet what every customer wants. That's what makes us different.

What about if your car isn't worth fixing anymore? You have a couple of options like selling the car for parts to a junkyard, parting the car out youself. You may also want to try using a cash for cars company to sell your old car. Hopefully those options will help you if your car is just too expensive to repair.